About us

Antares is a dynamically developing company specializing in the coordination and comprehensive implementation of commercial, office and service facilities. In our activities, we combine a passion for solid work with a drive for innovative solutions.

This bipolarity enables us to assimilate newly emerging technologies to proven standards of construction art. It is also reflected in the diversity of our workforce. The team consists of both proven specialists with many years of experience, who guarantee high quality and timely execution of the works entrusted, as well as innovative experimenters penetrating the building materials market in search of new and better than existing tools and instruments. In addition, there are also experienced brigades of professionals specialized in the work of individual industries. 

This diversity allows us to achieve great results. At work, we are synchronized and determined to achieve the goal. All of us are professionals in their field. We employ qualified technical staff, ensuring perfect coordination of works and compliance with the project, applicable regulations as well as knowledge and construction art.

In addition, the many years of experience we have acquired since the beginning of our operation in 2002 means that we know this market better than anyone else. We know what our clients' needs are, because we implement investments for the most demanding of them. We know who to work with, because during these years of fruitful work we have developed a multidimensional network of contacts with people and companies controlling various sectors of the construction market. We have been running our business continuously for almost 20 years and we learn new things every day, not forgetting what we learned the day before.

Professionalism, flexibility and the ability to adapt to even the most exorbitant requirements make our services unique within the construction services market. These attributes are the showcase of the company we run.

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